AIVITUVIN Rabbit wooden Hutch Indoor Outdoor Bunny Cage for 1-2 bunnys

AIVITUVIN Rabbit wooden Hutch Indoor Outdoor Bunny Cage for 1-2 bunnys
AIVITUVIN Rabbit wooden Hutch Indoor Outdoor Bunny Cage for 1-2 bunnys
AIVITUVIN Rabbit wooden Hutch Indoor Outdoor Bunny Cage for 1-2 bunnys
AIVITUVIN Rabbit wooden Hutch Indoor Outdoor Bunny Cage for 1-2 bunnys
AIVITUVIN Rabbit wooden Hutch Indoor Outdoor Bunny Cage for 1-2 bunnys
AIVITUVIN Rabbit wooden Hutch Indoor Outdoor Bunny Cage for 1-2 bunnys

AIVITUVIN Rabbit wooden Hutch Indoor Outdoor Bunny Cage for 1-2 bunnys

AIVITUVIN Rabbit wooden Hutch Indoor Outdoor Bunny Cage for 1-2 bunnys. Rabbit hutch with 3 DEEP removable pull out tray! Chicken coop on 6 wheels easily to move. 2 of them are locking wheel to fix well and safe.

Package Size:61.2 x 22.6 x 33.5 inches(enough for 1-2 bunnys and other small animals, no weight limit). Package includes:1 x Wooden hutch, 1 x Instruction, 1 x Metal feeder, 1 x Rabbit chewing toy.

Aivituvin is a business with pet family at the core. For us, pet family members come in every shape and size, from the fluffiest to the cutest!

The Aivituvin began with a new fluffy member Pearl. An adored little bunny, showered with love and attention, but something was missing. Vida, Pearls young owner, desired a small house for Pearl as safe, warm, and comfortable as her own. Like most Fathers, the owner and founder of Aivituvin found a solution to his daughter, Vidas dilemma. This Father, an expert joiner with over.

Aivituvin was inspired by our daughters name Vida, meaning love and life. We want to breathe new life into animal houses, creating homes that give comfort and protection.

As someone whos animals are their whole life, we will try to make the most amazing hutches for your fur babies! Provide the right choice and humane standard living options to warm up your pet's life. Here at AIVITUVIN, we love your pets the same way you do!

With over 20 years experience designing, creating, and producing pet homes we have adapted and evolved and are now ranked among the Top within our industry. We strive to maintain this position through continuous development and improvement. Determined to provide you the best service, we have created a team of devoted animal lovers who desire to give you the best purchasing experience.

We will listen to your needs and are always open to new suggestions to ensure your animal receives the best pet house possible. Each pet home is designed and expertly crafted in our family-run factory, using the highest quality materials. The passion we put into creating each home en sures superior product quality and finish with proper design, quickly assemble, affordable, and easy-to-use for any pet owner and any pet. Aivituvin believes in safe and fair standards for our team. Be reassured that we excel in compliance with workplace safety and standards. Investing care and devotion into each aspect of our company. We are continuously progressing, raising social and environmental standards. It is our AIVITUVIN Promise that we will meet your expectations 100%. When you meet AIVITUVIN, we treat you with the utmost respect, and every detail feedback would put into the next upgrade products.

We welcome the shopping experience, stories, and other information to share so we can do better. Through hard work and determination, AIVITUVIN will be the top-ranked brand for luxury pet houses provider. Unlike our competitors focused on price compete and marketing strategies, we emphasize product quality and product development, we place passion before profit. Our knowledge and experience have clearly shown us pets thrive in a safe and comfortable environment.

This is why we create affordable pet houses. Luxury, security, and comfort should be obtainable for every pet owner, giving your cherished friend the home, it deserves. We believe that your pet should live in luxury and ensure our homes are designed to be spacious, giving your pet, ample space to relax in.

Made from real wood, our environmentally efficient homes are natural yet sturdy. With a modern, fresh finish, each home is uniquely stylish and durable. Each Aivituvin home is designed with you and your pet in mind. We endeavor to cater to each need your pet has, to ensure our homes are easily accessible and easily cleaned. Aivituvin pet houses are created to be assembled easily and quickly, providing a fresh new pet home in no time!

At Aivituvin we understand the love you have for your pets. That is why our team works hard to produce safe sanctuaries. Somewhere that provides peace of mind, for you, and a place of comfort for your fur babies. Whether for rabbit, chicken, dog, hamster, turtle or all the other small animals, we have the perfect home waiting for your adored pet today! In June 1990 we first opened the doors of our original factory. This factory specialized in the designing, crea-ting, and production of wooden furniture. This was the start of our journey into creating carefully crafted wood- en items that were soon exported around the globe.

After the personal success of Pearls bunny house, our creativity flourished. In January 2000, we designed and produced our first chicken coop.

This became a revolut-ionary step for our company and one that was met with great success. Our chicken coop was just the beginning- of our popular pet homes. THE YEAR 2005 - YEAR 2008. By March 2005, we had established a strong place in the market producing rabbit hutches.

The demand for an aff-ordable, high-quality product, was achieved. Our produc-tion and fan base grew extensively. Soon our factory was reaching full production.

Aware of how valuable a comfor-table, safe space for pets is, we began designing and cre-ating various homes from bunny houses to dog kennels, hamster homes, chicken coop. By 2008 we were now pro-ducing the highest quality wooden pet houses. With demand growing and our workforce now reaching 500, February 2012 saw the opening of our new 1,000,- 000 sq. Through advancement in innovation and design, we were producing 2000 product pieces daily! These achievements now ranked us among the top in this industry. THE YEAR 2014- YEAR 2015. We also passed the rigorous Wal-Mart audit. A three- part audit, consisting of social responsibility (ES), Quali- ty (FCCA), and Anti-terrorism (SCS). We continuously ensure adherence to high ethical and legal standards, stand against discrimination, child labor, and forced labor. We always keep our passion for high standards quality and maintain a safe working environment. Committed to expansion and evolution through new technology, January 2017 saw the launch of our B2C E-Commerce business. Uniquely, our products are designed, created, and produced in-house. Therefo- re, we can maintain the highest quality of products at affordable prices. And in January 2017, it showed, as we soon became one of the top online sellers for wood- en pet homes. With production at its highest, we are continuously striv-ing to provide the best for our customers. Listening to th- eir needs, March 2018 saw us invest in the opening of. Throughout the United States of America. Situated in California, Texas, New Jersey, and Georgia. Unlike some competitors focused on price compete and marketing strategies, we emphasize product quality and product development, we place passion before profit. Wi- th better consistent development of AIVITUVIN, the high-er customer's recognition and satisfaction we got, our product sales reached 20 million US dollars. We are a company bursting with creativity and innovation dedicated to the evolving needs of our customer and their pets.

We remain committed to providing comfortable, safe products for pets, breathing new life into the animal house industry. Trying to become the top-ranked pet houses brand in the US. With Four warehouses accross the USA (CA, TX, GA and NJ) we are able to reach most of our customers very soon.

Is It Easy to Assembly? It was super easy to put together. We recommend 2 people and 45 minutes.

And you just need to prepare a hand screwdriver or cordless drill. All of our cages will come flat packed It came with a sufficient pictorial manual. Screws were in marked plastic bags. Panels are stamped and come ready to be screwed together. Many have dowel rods that fit nicely into pre-drilled holes(pre-drilling will prevent any cracks and preserve sturdiness while keeping wood intact). Where Are the Products Made? All Aivituvin products are made in China, who have over 21 years of experience making wooden pet houses, and passes Walmart Audit. We have a 1,000,000 sq.

Ft factory with an advanced machine, experienced workers, and producing over 2000 pieces of products daily. Besides, Aivituvin is one of the leading brands in the wooden pet house industry. Do You Deliver to My Area? We endeavor to deliver to every address in American.

How Do I Track My Order? You can track the package status via the courier website. If you would, however, prefer to be a sign only, we can also arrange this. What Happens If I Only Receive Some of My Boxes?

How to Maintenance and Clean the Hutch? Aivituvin products have been treated with a non-hazardous, water-based painting, which provides initial protection from weather conditions, but the product should be treated regularly if used outside.

Wood dries out when not maintained and can become cracked, warp or become unsightly. For this reason, you should thoroughly clean and treat your pet's hutch regularly using wood cleaning products and re-painting the hutch that is animal safe after half a year.

Besides, pls find a place that is as sheltered as possible to avoid wear and tear from the weather. For items that are defective or damaged.

We are happy to assist you. Aivituvin may require pictures to help us determine the appropriate next step.

You are a valued customer, and your satisfaction is essential to us. Rabbit Hutch Rabbit Cage Bunny Hutch W/ Run Rabbit House W/ Deeper No Leak Tray. Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage on Wheels Indoor Guinea Pig Cage with Pull Out Tray. Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage on Wheels Guinea Pig Cage w/ Deep No Leak Pull Out Tray. Rabbit Hutch Rabbit Cage Bunny Hutch w/Run No Leak Trays Rabbit House on wheels.

Rabbit Hutch Rabbit Cage Bunny House for Indoor and Outdoor. Rabbit Hutch Rabbit Cage Bunny Hutch w/ Run Rabbit House w/ Deeper No Leak Trays. The item "AIVITUVIN Rabbit wooden Hutch Indoor Outdoor Bunny Cage for 1-2 bunnys" is in sale since Wednesday, October 27, 2021. This item is in the category "Pet Supplies\Small Animal Supplies\Cages, Hutches & Enclosure". The seller is "aivituvin" and is located in CHINOCA. This item can be shipped to United States.
AIVITUVIN Rabbit wooden Hutch Indoor Outdoor Bunny Cage for 1-2 bunnys